Common courtesy is at the forefront of these rules and are to be followed for a pleasant sauna experience for all.

  • You will need 2 towels. One towel to sweat on in the sauna & another to dry off with after your sauna session (bring your own or hire them)
  • You may want to bring your jandles/slides as the floor can get hot
  • You can sauna nude or in a bathing costume. (please note: absolutely no underwear, sportswear, clothing or boxer shorts)
  • Shower before you sauna & enter the pool at all times
  • Secure lockers are provided
  • This is a public therapeutic space – please speak in hushed tones. Many people enjoy silence and go into a meditative, peaceful state in the sauna. While we aim for a quiet space, saunas are traditionally social, so sessions can vary regarding these interactions. It is worth noting that some shared public sessions are more social than others, and there can be a nice lively vibe during these sessions. If you are wanting a purely peaceful experience then the only guarantee for this is to hire the space for a Private Sauna or try to come during a less busy time of the day. 
  • Cover up from the waist down with your towel. This includes the sauna, lounger chairs & the relax areas. Your body will still be able to sweat freely ** Women’s & Men’s Only days are much more informal regarding covering up. **
  • Use the ladder to get in & out of the plunge pool 
  • Mobile phones/technology are strictly not permitted past changing rooms.
  • If you want to stretch in the sauna consider other users and only do so if there is room. 
  • If you leave the sauna you cannot “save your spot”
  • Do not sit on the floor
  • Our sauna does not condone any sexual exploits whatsoever. We do not tolerate any untoward sexual behaviour. While we are a sauna, we are not a cruising establishment. We maintain a safe & comfortable space for our patrons for relaxation ONLY. Any disrespect of these clear guidelines will result in a permanent ban.
  • We are an alcohol & vape-free establishment
  • No exfoliating in the sauna
  • No food/glassware in the pool/sauna area
  • Don’t shave in the sauna. 
  • Children – We welcome children of all ages during a Private Booking. In an Informal Group Session we welcome children over 7 years of age to sauna with us also. They must be with their parents and they need to come on a gender specific day ie: boys with their Dads and girls with their Mums. Children under the age of 15 must be supervised at all times in the sauna, relax areas & plunge pool.
  • For Shared Mixed Gender sauna sessions you must be 18 years old or over.
  • Pregnant woman cannot use the sauna.


Phone:   (04) 384 4329


Tory Urban Retreat:
80 Tory Street
Te Aro
New Zealand
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Tory Urban Massage Retreat:
(Bookings required)
Grand Plimmer Tower
Level 4
New Zealand
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