Common courtesy is at the forefront of these rules and are to be followed for a pleasant sauna experience for all.

  • You will need 2 towels. One towel to sweat on in the sauna & another to dry off with after your sauna session (feel free to bring your own or hire ours for $2.50 each)
  • Shower before you sauna & enter the pool at all times
  • Put all your belongings into a locker & pin the key to your sauna towel
  • This is a public therapeutic space – please speak in hushed respectful tones. Many people enjoy silence and go into a meditative, healing state in the sauna
  • Cover your privates with a towel. This includes the sauna, lounger chairs & the relax areas. Your body will still be able to sweat freely ** Women’s & Men’s Only days are much more informal regarding covering up. **
  • You can sauna nude, in a bathing costume or clean shorts (please note: not underwear or boxer shorts)
  • Use the ladder to get in & out of the plunge pool – do not climb over the sides of the pool – it’s dangerous
  • Mobile phones are not permitted past changing rooms. Please leave them in your locker on silent mode
  • If you want to stretch in the sauna consider other users. Only do so if there is enough room & please cover your privates at all times
  • If you leave the sauna you cannot “save your spot”
  • Do not sit on the floor at any time
  • Please keep your intimate moments at home
  • Don’t shave in the sauna. Gentlemen please feel free to shave at the sink in your changing room since all your pores will be open and will make shaving easier
  • Children – We welcome children of all ages during a Private Booking. In an Informal Group Session we welcome children over 7 years of age to sauna with us also. They must be with their parents and they need to come on a gender specific day ie: boys with their Dads and girls with their Mums. Children under the age of 15 must be supervised at all times in the sauna, relax areas & plunge pool.


Phone:   (04) 384 4329


Tory Urban Retreat:
80 Tory Street
Te Aro
New Zealand
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Tory Urban Massage Retreat:
(Bookings required)
Grand Plimmer Tower
Level 4
New Zealand
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