Checklist Questions


If you have any issues at all with the aforementioned you will need to speak with our Health Practitioner. Please call us to further discuss so we can arrange this - Thank you. Checklist Questions | Tory Urban Retreat

Instances where you may not be able to use the Hyperbaric chamber

Listed below are relevant prerequisite questions regarding Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy:

1. What are you hoping to achieve?

2. Are you pregnant how far along? (First 3 months not able to use this treatment)

3. Are you able to breathe through your nose?

4. Are you claustrophobic?

5. Do you have a history of stroke?

6. Do you have the flu, upper respiratory infection or fever?

7. Are you on any prescription medication?

8. Do you have problems with your ears when flying? Or an ear infection?

9. Do you have a pacemaker or other known heart conditions?

10. Do you have epilepsy or a history of seizures?

11. Do you have any ocular / eyes abnormalities?

12. Do you have blood clots or any history of blood clots?

13. Do you or have you had a collapsed lung?

14. Have you had/do you have TB or any lung scarring?

15. Are you on any of the following medication? Bleomycin, disulfiram, mafernide acetate?

16. Have you flown, been skiing or doing any mountain activities in the last 24 hours? If so, please allow a 24 hour gap before and after using the hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

On some occasions it may be unsuitable for you to make use of HBOT Therapy.  If any of the aforementioned are relevant to you and your current health situation you will need to speak with our Health Practitioner.

Please call us to further discuss so we can arrange this - Thank you

HBOT Testimonials

  • ... the following day felt way better than I normally do after the big compeition ...

    Went in for my first float, staff were very professional and explained everything for me. Definitely an interesting experience and felt very alert afterwards. I went in before a competition to relax and focus. Was great. Also tried the hyper... continue reading »

    ( Received: February, 2017 )

  • ... Afterwards I felt totally invigorated ...

    The pod was roomy and very comfortable and not at all claustrophobic - just lie down and relax and listen to music. Afterwards I felt totally invigorated and felt as if my inner body had been cleansed and renewed. It... continue reading »

    ( Received: May, 2016 )

  • I feeI I have more energy

    I've read a bit about hyperbaric therapy but after trying it out at urban retreat I'm sold. My injuires feel a lot better and I feeI i have more energy, the staff and environment are amazing, I'm deffinately going back.... continue reading »

    Jason MMA
    ( Received: April, 2016 )

  • ... Knee feels good, back feels great! ...

    Just finished my first HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) at Tory Urban Retreat. Knee feels good, back feels great! Thanks to the team at Tory Urban Retreat.

    ( Received: February, 2016 )


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