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Oliga - Massage Therapist

Dip. Remedial Massage, BA (Psychology).

Oliga is a Remedial Massage Therapist with over 25 years of experience and has been working for Tory Urban Retreat since 2002. In addition to holding a Diploma in Therapeutic Massage from NSU and NPC in Russia, Oliga holds a Degree in Psychology. Oliga’s goal is to improve the quality of life for people affected by acute or chronic illness, to help clients to live a more dynamic, comfortable, pain-free life through the benefits of massage therapy. Oliga thoroughly enjoys being a massage therapist because it allows her work with her clients to help them rejuvenate, feel better and perform optimally.

Oliga provides a wide range of massage services including Deep Tissue, Therapeutic, Relaxation, Sports, Hot Stone, Pregnancy, Baby and Infant Massages. She is also proficient in Cupping Bodywork Massage, Lymphatic Drainage and provides Deluxe Mud Body Treatments.

Oliga is available at Tory Street from Monday - Thursday. 

Oiga is currently on summer break & will return on February 1st 2022.

Chanelle - Massage Therapist

Chanelle is an Intuitive Massage Therapist who graduated from the NZ College of Massage. Her heartfelt passion for health/well-being and manaakitanga (to look after and care for) is what calls her to massage.

Chanelle practices Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Therapeutic and Indian Head Massages. She also provides cupping to assist with easing tight muscles & tension. 

Chanelle is available Saturday's ONLY at Tory Street.

Pascaline - Massage Therapist

Pascaline is a French spa therapist. Since her childhood she has been immersed in the world of well-being and wellness in her home town the famous thermal city of Vichy.

She has graduated with a spa therapist diploma from Ecole Fournier in Vichy in 2018. Pascaline has been trained in a number of different massages such as Therapeutic, Balinese, Relaxation, Pregnancy, Facial and Reiki. Thanks to all of these different techniques she is able to provide a massage a la carte, combining energetic and neuromuscular massages for a unique experience.

She thoroughly enjoys providing a treatment where you can totally relax, release tensions and let go of all stresses.

Pascaline specialises in Relaxation, Therapeutic, Balinese, Pregnancy, Lymphatic Drainage or Facial Massage. She also provides Reiki treatments.

Daiana - Massage Therapist

Daiana is an experienced and passionate Massage therapist, Pilates and Yoga Instructor. She has been involved in the wellness industry for more than thirteen years.

She has a Bachelor Degree in Movement-Therapies Coordination (Body Therapist) “This degree gave me tools and elements such as anatomy, biomechanics and psychology to help me understand how the body works. It also taught me how to use different techniques like massage, Feldenkrais, bioenergetic, meditation and Ayurveda amongst others. As a Body Therapist I have a holistic point of view about the body”.

She is fully trained in Pilates equipment management, Pilates Mat, Hatha Yoga, amongst other body techniques, and she is also an advance student of Iyengar Yoga and his teachings.

She provides a wide range of massage techniques and therapies including Relaxation, Therapeutic, Sports, Deep Tissue and Pregnancy.

Isidora - Massage Therapist

Isidora is a Chilean holistic therapist, with plenty of background on Yoga therapy, Ayurveda massage, Reiki, Mindfulness and Health coaching.

She holds a Physiotherapy degree, and since the very beginning of her professional life(2012) she has been immersed in the world of well-being and wellness, being passionate about supporting and empowering people with acute or chronic health conditions, in the journey to enhance their quality of life.

She has been travelling and working around Europe, America and Asia, developing and being trained in different therapies. Thanks to all of these resources, she is able to provide a massage a la carte, after a brief individual and postural assessment.

She truly enjoys providing a holistic approach to your musculoskeletal/ physical stress situation through a massage where you can totally relax and release tensions.

Isidora specialises in Ayurvedic, Relaxation, and Therapeutic massage, and also provides Reiki treatments.

Yen - Massage Therapist

Yen is a massage therapist from the Philippines. Her journey with massage began from being immersed as a child & seeing how integral this traditional healing is to her community. Her passion for the power of touch and natural healing has evolved & grown over the years.

Yen graduated from NC2 Training Centre In Cebu as a qualified massage therapist. This then led her to owning her own spa in the Philippines before moving to New Zealand to continue her practice.

Yen’s aim is to assist your whole being into a deeply relaxed and healing state by releasing tension from both your muscles and your nervous system. To meet your personal needs Yen can combine various techniques to provide you with a massage that is tailormade exactly for you. 

Hilot Massage explained - Originating in the Philippines, Hilot is a hands-on healing art that involves intuition and massage. Hilot is generally a deep-tissue massage but the pressure can be adjusted to suit. Yen intuitively scans the body with hand touching as a means to diagnose areas which are energetically imbalanced. With this information in hand Yen will focus on those areas to work on to give balance and relief. Each session is unique because of the focus on treating problematic areas.

Yen specialises in Hilot (traditional Filippino), Therapeutic, Swedish, Relaxation & Deep Tissue Massages.


Kim - Massage Therapist

Kim was born and raised in Seoul, Korea. She was drawn to massage as she has a natural inclination to healing & caring for people. This has led to her being a very proficient & skilled therapist who is extremely passionate about her profession. 

Kim qualified from The British International Massage School in Korea in 2009. She has worked at various spas and wellness centers in Korea and Australia. This has provided her with many years of experience to hone & develop her varied skills.

With over 13 years of experience Kim has a vast range of therapies to offer. She loves massage and the relief that it can bring to people from all walks of life. Her ultimate passion is to help people heal their bodies with remedial massage – for her, this is deeply humbling & satisfying. Caring for her clients is her most important priority.

Kim specialises in Deep Tissue & Remedial Massage. She offers Thai Massage, Relaxation Massage, Sports Massage, Aromatherapy, Cupping, Lymphatic Drainage & Reflexology Massage. She can skillfully combine these styles that will best suit your body’s needs to help you deeply relax and to ease stresses & tension away.

Kim is available on Saturdays and Sundays at Tory Street.

Cath - Massage Therapist

Cath is an intuitive therapist who trained at the Wellington School of Massage Therapy in 2007. She is extremely passionate about the healing powers of massage and is naturally drawn to assist people with their wellness. Her understanding that body, mind and spirit need regular maintenance and nurturing this belief has naturally drawn her to becoming the skilled therapist she is today. 

She also offers Visceral Massage; ‘Visceraʼ meaning ‘the inner organs of the bodyʼ, which, like any other tissue in the body, can store tension from emotional trauma, stress, surgery, chemical imbalance, excessive or insufficient movement, and food intolerances. Visceral relief allows the gut to work more smoothly & effectively, which then has a beneficial flow-on effect throughout the body and nervous system.

Specialising in Deep Tissue Massage, Cath is also proficient in Reiki & Relaxation and Therapeutic Massages. 

Cath is currently on summer break until 9th February 2022. 


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