Sauna Early Closure Notice

We have been closing The Retreat early some days due to our lovely summer/autumn weather.

(This doesn’t include massage therapy & we’ll go back to our usual hours when the weather settles down)

We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.

To enquire, please call us on
(04) 384 4329.

Floatation Therapy Testimonial

... something I will be eager to repeat ...

  I couldn't believe such an oasis could exist within the hustling bustling cbd. But I was welcomed into a serene oasis and my enjoyment was seamlessly created by the staff, the interiors and the pod experience. I was apprehensive at first about what the sensory deprivation and salt pod experience would be like, but it was unlike anything I've ever done and something I will be eager to repeat. When I got out of my float I felt boneless, all my worries and kinks and aches were soothed and forgotten. Sitting with my cup of tea and a bowl of lovely fruit in their calming relaxation room afterwards I felt reflective and meditative. What a wonderful experience!  

( Received: February, 2017 )

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