Floatation Therapy Testimonial

... I left feeling so rested and ready to tackle the world ...

  This was the most perfect way to spend my day off, I booked in and was a little nervous, I mean you're basically in a dark cocoon by yourself for an hour, I wasn't sure I liked myself enough to spend an hour in some salty water with just me!
Oh. My. Days.
I think I'll do this every day off, it was so beautiful and relaxing, totally blissed out! Not only were the people looking after me just the most gorgeous kind of people but the place felt a million miles from a city centre even though it's on a main street, and don't get me started on the smell of the products. Ok yes I know I'm gushing but seriously, such a wonderful experience, I left feeling so rested and ready to tackle the world, my mind shut off and went to places I can only hope (plead, pray) I can go back to!
Thank you so much... I've booked for 3 so I'll be back!  

( Received: October, 2016 )

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